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Collecting Antique Lady Head Vases

I have loved and collected antique lady head vases for several years now. I do extensive research on all the ladies that I acquire. I try to keep up-to-date on all the new values and try to give you the most current information as I can. These ladies are my passion and I would like to pass that on to you.

To the right are my first figurines. They are special to me, as I'm sure some of yours are to you.

Head Vases Priced Right

Great prices on great head vases. Come shop now. Shopping for these collectibles is fun. I have done it for many years, and today I am selling them myself. I search the garage sales, yard sales, and anything else to find bargains that I can enjoy or pass on to you.

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BLN Cynthia RARE Pink Color Headvase MINTBLN Cynthia RARE Pink Color Headvase MINT
CONSIGNMENT ITEM: "Cynthia" is one of the most elegantly styled ladies made by the renowned California artist, Betty Lou Nichols. This particular girl, who has been created in this wonderful raspberry pink colouring, is exceptionally RARE. She is almost never seen and is highly prized amongst avid collectors. Cynthia is stunning, with her majestic tiara crown, long ringlets of jet black hair, and a dress that is a work of art. It's off shoulder styling is carefully sculpted at the neckline to gently sweep away from her body. She has wonderful jet black long lashes, perfectly applied lipstick, and that cremely white silk complexion seen on all of the Betty Lou pieces. Her earrings are part of her mold and are a perfect match to the brooch on the front of her gown. She epitomizes elegance and would be a rare and wonderful addition to the finest head vase collection. She stands 7" tall. She can be found on Page 55 of Maddy Gordon's Head Vases Etc. and also in The Artistry of Betty Lou Nichols pulblished in 2002, which states, "very Rare in pink". This Cynthia was valued at $1200, 6 years ago. She is in MINT condition, with the typical medium to heavy clear crazing apparent on most BLN headvases. There are no other chips, repairs, paint loss. She's exceptional!!! (HC)

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